Nemesis Arms Inc. is a registered Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) founded in 2007. Recognizing the fundamental gap in the long gun and accessory marketplace, we explored the limits of design and functionality to push beyond boundaries with relentless drive for continuous improvement. These core principles have led to the advancements and innovations across the past decade and continue to inspire and guide us as we create new solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Our proprietary platforms are designed and manufactured for law enforcement, defense and civilian sporting uses. In May of 2015, in response to public and government solicitations, Nemesis Arms strategically relocated to Park City, Kentucky. Here we operate our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where all research and development, design, subassembly, finishing, testing and quality assurance controls are conducted under one roof.



With recent commitments to long-term defense platforms and support, coupled with improved prospects for our core products. To achieve our vision and mission, we have a clear strategy comprising of longer-term focus areas as well as near-term objectives for the opportunity in our objectives to drive value and growth. We continue to launch innovative products that shift market paradigms, bring tangible value to consumers thru differentiated products and technologies, challenging routines and stereotypes and leading the market by delivering true innovation. We focus on developing products that maximize usability, integrated interfaces that are easy to understand while improving safety and efficiency.



Our CEO is responsible with implementing our strategy through appropriately structured policies, management and compliance systems. As part of this model, also carries the responsibility for the establishment of Nemesis Arm’s strategic direction, determining the company’s core purpose, values, risk appetite, performance and policies as well as fostering our client-service led culture. Nemesis Arm’s Senior Management commitment to the development and implementation of continually improving its effectiveness thru: (1) Communicating the importance of meeting customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements to the organization ; (2) Establishing the quality policy; (3) Ensuring that quality objectives are established; (4) Conducting management reviews, and (5) Ensuring the availability of required or needed resources.





How we deliver is just as important as what we deliver. We cannot achieve our vision to be the premier designer and manufacturer of platforms for law enforcement, defense and civilian sporting industries unless committed to high ethical standards. At Nemesis Arms, we take responsibility to conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity. This gives us sustained credibility of our brand, maintain our strong reputation, and build on our record of growth and performance. From the shop floor to the boardroom, all of our employees and representatives strive to cultivate a culture of not just meeting, but exceeding all laws and regulations where we do business.



Nemesis Arms is proud to invest in the local communities where our employees live and work, supporting organizations that make a positive impact and have documented outcomes. Our community investment programs include employee based volunteer and fundraising initiatives. We strongly support organizations that provide services to military members and their families, veterans, operate in the security and intelligence fields, other military support functional areas and organizations that provide services in the areas of Early Childhood, K-12, and programs that encourage the advancement of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math.



At Nemesis Arms, we support, encourage and empower our people by providing an environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. Our willingness to embrace diversity of thought, background and experience helps us create imaginative and responsive solutions for our clients and the community. To maintain our excellent capabilities and seize opportunities for growth, we strive to recruit and retain skilled people from the widest possible talent pool and create an inclusive culture where everyone can achieve their full potential.


innovation & technology

By asking “how can we make this more valuable for the customer” in everything we do, we strive to create greater end user satisfaction, that in turn equates to higher value solutions and customer loyalty. We are pioneers and have ventured where no one has yet dared to tread. Boldly designing products and technology for projects that were once beyond the imagination, we redefine boundaries by constantly pushing back the limits of technology. Driven by the conviction that nothing is impossible, we invest ourselves to transform the projects we imagine into reality. The path to technological innovation is paved with obstacles, yet the path we have chosen. We pave the way with perseverance, ambition, and assurance. Whatever the weather, we march forward with determination.




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