To the Greeks, the Goddess Nemesis was the very personification of divine retribution - the vengence of the Gods themselves. She restored the balance to the wheel of life by delivering justice upon those who were undeserving of their fortunes and to those who displayed hubris and arrogance in their crimes against the innocent. Remorseless... Her judgement is final.

The concept behind the Vanquish and Valkyrie rifles is to eliminate variables that, when taken individually are small, but taken collectively, will represent the majority of accuracy issues on any platform.

"Parts rifles" with their components from various vendors, must be machined, mated, bedded, attached and adjusted. Chances for inaccuracy, instability and deterioration become ever greater. Remove as many of these variables as possible, ruling them out through experienced design and skillful manufacturing, and what remains is a coherently monolithic and ultimately accurate platform. Our rifle systems represent such an outcome. While their monochassis may appear stark, it is actually so stable, robust and precisely machined as to move the rifleman into the 21st century.

Were that not enough, enabling these very same rifles to pack down to 20 inches in under one minute is a breakthrough of the highest order. Adding such a high degree of mobility, discreet transport and adaptability to an already inherently accurate system brings a level of utility to the AO that is simply unmatched by any would-be competitor.

Nemesis Arms, Inc. was founded in Calimesa, California by David and Kathleen Ives. David, a former Law Enforcement Officer, recognized a fundamental gap in the tactical long gun offeerings available to the tactical and sporting shooter. With tireless commitment and unique insight, David and Kathleen explore the limits of rifle design and puish beyond them to yield a growing line of products that cannot be ignored.

Breaking ground on a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky in early 2015, Nemesis Arms promises to carry the cutting edge even farther. Introducing new iterations of the Vanquish multi-caliber rifle and the all new Valkyrie ambidextrous rifle, Nemesis is also revealing an impressive array of accessories. From tripod mounting systems to quick detach rail systems to AR lowers an more, look for an endless stream of innovation that defies convention, changes the rules and raises the bar.

We thank you for your interest in our rifles and accessories, and we look forward to meeting you at a show or the range.