Here's an unusual testimonial from Glenn in Texas who was so taken by our brand at the NRA Show in Houston this year that he decided to show his committment in a rather enduring manner. All we can say is, Glenn, you rock!

"First impressions at the range far exceeded expectations. Given the takedown nature of the platform, there was a natural assumption that the rifle would be lacking in accuracy and controllability in favor of mobility and the multi-caliber aspects. To say that the Vanquish shattered these assumptions is an understatement. After initial zero and multiple teardowns, including one where the scope was removed for shipment of the receiver for engraving, the rifle unfailingly picked up where it left off, predictably walking out to extreme distances with match ammo. Rock solid, well conceived and precise, Vanquish delivers!"

~ T. Johnson - Gainesville, FL

"The concept behind much of the Vanquish series is to eliminate the variables that when taken individually are small, but taken collectively represent the majority of accuracy issues on any precision platform. "Parts rifles," with their components from various vendors, must then be machined, mated, bedded, attached and adjusted. The chances for inaccuracy, instability and deterioration become ever greater. Remove as many of these same variables as possible, rule them out by experienced design and skillful manufacturing and what remains is a coherently monolithic, ultimately accurate platform. Vanquish's represent such an outcome, it is a "monochassis" that appears stark but is actually so stable, robust and precisely machined as to move the rifleman into the 21st century, enabling these very same rifles to pack down in under 1 minute to 20 inches is a breakthrough of the highest order."

~ RT51

"If Vassili Zaitsev carried a lunchbox to work, it would’ve bourne a Nemesis Arms label and held their minimalist bolt action rifle called the Vanquish. Their “monochasis” design is intended to remove the standard manufacturing variables which contribute to inaccuracy, instability and weight. Building from a monolithic chassis, Nemesis is able to carve off everything that isn’t absolutely needed in a firearm and has been designed to break down in less than 2 minutes, and concealed or stored in a small suitcase or backpack. Nemsis claims that the weapon’s zero is unaffected when it’s broken down and re-assembled.

Weighing in at under 11 lbs without an optic, this rifle is would be perfect for travel to remote areas due to it’s low weight and small footprint. Shooting the rifle revealed a rifle that indeed held sub MOA groups and was easy to shoot due to quick length of pull and cheek piece adjustments."

~ Rob Curtis - GEARScout