• Advanced Nemesis Sniper Rifle

    • 1 barrel and magwell
    • Additional barrels and magwells available here
    • Adjustable folding stock
    • M-Lok Handguard and rail section
    • Left and right bolts
    • Bi-pod
    • Finish is anodized and nitrated depending on the part
    • Cerakote available for $400
    • 1 magazine
    • Hard case
  • Valkyrie

    • 1 barrel
    • Additional barrels available here
    • Left or right handed bolts
    • Additional bolts available here
    • Bi-pod
    • M-Lok Handguard and rail section additional $450
    • Finish is anodized and nitrated depending on the part
    • Cerakote available for $400
    • 1 magazine
  • • Store your suppressor on the muzzle or on a forend rail • Brake or thread protector storage when suppressor is in use • Tells the world that you were out of tactical pockets • 100% more suppressor storage than other products Instructions: 1) Attach TWOCAN to lower or side picatinny rail 2) Screw suppressor to TWOCAN checking for balance/clearance 3) Easily switch between inside and outside voice
  • • Securely holds your thread protector when not in use • Mounts easily to any 1913 accessory or scope rail • Tells the world you are one organized brochacho • 26.7% fewer gun parts banging around in your dryer Instructions: 1) Attach CAPTRAP to any picatinny or scope rail* 2) Check chosen location for interference with grip or action 3) Feel the bliss of not losing thread caps to the laundry gods
  • Pistol Grip Tripod
    • Pistol grip tripod with adjustable-height aluminum legs and rubber feet with retractable metal spikes for outdoor use
    • Recommended max load weight is 11 lbs (5kg) for optimal performance
    • Extends from 34.4 inches to 72.6 inches
    • Pistol grip design allows for camera placement in virtually any position including 90-degree angles
    • Built-in level, leg locks, and quick release mounting plate to ensure fast transitions between shots
    • Carrying case included; backed by an AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Protect threads on barrels and receivers and also acts as convenient storage for the barrel thread protector when the rifle is in use with a muzzle brake. Finally, one of the storage caps is designed to double as a cleaning rod guide.
  • • High quality Gildan Ultra-Cotton Tee • Black fabric with white/grey imprint front and back • Available in Men’s and women’s sizes • Conceals your rockstar chest to reduce scenes in public Instructions: 1) Get naked 2) For crying out loud, put some clothes on! 3) Show the world that you’re ready to flip the switch
  • • Turns any camera tripod into a shooting station • Holds any angle and elevation hands-free • Tells the world that your camera is broken • 627% improvement over all other uses of a tripod Instructions: 1) Attach TRIGUN adapter to lower picatinny rail of your rifle 2) Attach favorite tripod to adapter as you would any camera 3) Check weight and balance of rifle are within tripod’s limits 4) Enjoy hands-free rifle support when having a nap or burger
  • Designed specifically as an expedition case, this aramide polymer clamshell features nitrile rubber seals, heavy duty hinges and latches, and a pressure release valve for those excursions where air travel is likely. Able to float even when fully loaded with a tricked out 16″ barrel rifle, this case is lockable and has two separate compartments ensuring ample storage for accessories, small to medium sized optics, suppressor and extra mags. Black only.
  • Constructed on par with standard rigid aluminum cases designed for delicate instruments or camera gear, this case is the perfect compliment to your 20″ barrel Valkyrie or Vanquish rifle. The foam insert is easily customized to permit the addition of a suppressor, extra magazines and more. Most importantly, this case accommodates even the largest rifle optics ensuring that you have the glass to get the job done. Available only in black.